Hi! My name is Céline Ternisien, I’m graphist/motion designer and I’ll be leaving France in January 2023 for a four-months trip in several Asian countries.

My last step: South Korea!


Those past twenty years, South Korea has spread its culture all over the world.

Surely, you must have heard of it: The K-Mania (K stands for Korean) has invade our homes through K-dramas, K-pop, K-beauty…

Why such a success ? An impressive response to the global market needs: fascinating images, love stories, seductive bodies and great creativity/responsiveness.

A fascinating book cover but a cover still.
(Watch this video about the K-pop industry Tev – Ici Japon – french)

My true korea

Beyond retoutched and marketed images, I want to discover « My True Korea » : a mix between the K-drama Korea and the Land of Morning Calm.

What is its history?
Who are its inhabitants?
What do they believe in?
How do they look upon the world and the spreading of their culture?

That’s why I decided to go on a one-month journey all over Korea, starting by Seoul.

Why choosing a bike’s trip ?
Because its a super versatile way to travel: allowing bikers to reach places they would have miss if they were driving a car.
And also because I love it 😉

Why travelling alone ?
To give myself a challenge, to learn how to deal with problems by myself, to enjoy my own company.

I made the choice to document my journey by posting daily content on my social medias, because when I searched for similar experiences, I found literally nothing !

I hope my sharings will inspire travelers from all around the world and give people the taste of travelling and learning about other cultures.

I’ll be travelling one month in this little country that shines so much.

I’ll share my experiences on my Facebook and Instagram profiles.
Please go have a look, like and share my content and if you have any recommendation, please contact me!

See you soon!
다음에 봐요 !

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